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From the Womb to Heaven

From the Womb to Heaven is a book of poems that was created through the hard times and struggles in the author’s life. He hopes and prays through his poems that the youth of today and tomorrow will learn and benefit from his experiences.


From The Womb to Heaven Vol. II

I was born to Mr. & Mrs. Tyson on February 17, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pensylvania. Sometime after that, we as a family moved back to North Carolina to farm.

The first thing I remember about myself was the time I got my first beating with a rope. I was about three or four years old. I remember my sister and I playing around the screen door while my parents were working the field nearby. As she would stick her finger in the back of the door, I would close the door and try to catch her fingers. After 3 or 4 times of playing our game, her finger got caught in the door and she started crying. My stepfather came running into the house and started beating me with a rope. I remember crawling under the bed to the farthest corner trying to get away. I also remember crying myself to sleep. It’s been a hard road for me but I have perservered and became a very successful man in spirit and in health.

The next thing I remember, we the family were going to see my sick grandmother. On the way, my stepfather stopped in to get a drink. we stayed in the car with the driver My stepfather must have gotten into an argument with someone. as my stepfather was getting into the car, someone threw a bottle at him. My stepfather told the driver to drive on. a piece of glass got into my eye. I started crying and then my mom started crying. We went on to my grandmother’s house. I remember my mom squirting some milk from her breasts into my eye. there she got the glass out of my eye. sometime later my grandmother died.


Don’t Hate On Me

Undertakers don’t hate on this,
I don’t want to go below.
To me its hell down there,
Nothing but darkness for my soul.

Could we be in heaven and catching hell?
My spirit is the air I breathe.
Sometimes they call me sneeze.
I’m not a disease.
I’m a ghetto king.
I can’t sing.
I’m just rapping,
my thoughts all over this world.

Written September 16, 2012
By William M. Tyson Jr.


From Midnight to Daylight

At the age of 29 years old I got tired of lying. I was sitting at the dining room table at midnight. I put my head down on the dinning room table. I started praying to GOD for all of my wrong doings. I prayed for everybody that I grew up around. I asked god to forgive us all. We only did what went on around us. When I got to the age of three years old, my mind went blank. I heard a voice saying, “You’re God, tell the world”. When I lifted my head up it was daylight on a sunday morning. I think I”m in heaven just catching hell. I’m still on my job.


Technology And My Future

We’re always making plans for our future. With technology we can bring the future to us, because cameras are almost everywhere. They see almost everything we do. That magic eye don’t lie, don’t ask me why.

What my eyes see my mind must believe, except when we are watching that monster we call television. It shows us our past, present, and future. So why can’t we bring the future to us.

Only the rich hate to see their future erased, without their wealth we would all be equal. There won’t be any need for their money, because there wouldn’t be anything to buy. Only the ones in power with their wealth is trying to control everything and everybody.

To me they’re protected by the middle class. We the lower incomer or people that are living from pay check to pay check have to suffer. We can talk about it, but they don’t listen. The rich pay people to listen, and do most of their work.

I want to see what my future holds, before I go back home to live with God.

So stop the madness and do something about it.

Written by William M. Tyson Jr.
On October 29, 2012


I Hear Voices

I heard a voice saying when I come back,
your family will be the last one to respect and expect you.
To me my family is the whole Afro-American race,
Which I call bi-racial.

Is it in my mind, or is it in the sign?
Mind or signs, we have to stop lying to ourselves and
Lie to others when we have to.
To protect ourselves from harm.
Where are these voices coming from?

Could they be coming from the sun up above?
Am I the only one that’s hearing these voices?
Why me? Is it because at the age of twenty-nine
I decided to tell the world everything I did from the age of three to thirty-three years old.
Here comes God’s second gift to the world.

I heard growing up that Jesus last word was
I’ll be back when you all need me.
I think the time is now.
God is the sun that shine from up above, that’s no lie.
I think I’m the second coming of Jesus.
God never makes the same mistake twice.
I want me a wife, so I can be number one in her life.

Written Oct. 23, 2011
By William M Tyson Jr.


When History Repeats Itself

To me, when history repeats itself,
Born and raised in the ghetto.
After Martin Luther King’s death.
To me, one race of peoples is repeating what another race has done.
To me, every country that we the United States go to war with.
We the U.S. Of A. bring that race of peoples here and put them in business.
To do what another race of people have already done before them.
Other races are repeating what has been done before them.

Why is the US of A. always buying friends.
Now is the time for this mess to end.
History says there’s nothing that we can do,
that hasn’t been done before us,
When we do something for the first time,
It only means it is our fist time of doing it.
We need a new beginning so we can save the youth,
I’m just telling the truth as I see it in the ghetto.

Written by Mr. William M. Tyson Jr.
September 23, 2008


Mr. William M. Tyson, Jr.
From the Womb to Heaven
Mean Slick Sneaky Snake Sneeze-Hip Hop Pop
My Ghetto Bible- Vol. II
Less Lying in ’09
God lives Within, so does the devil

“My Mom and her Mom”

At the age of 29, I started feeling guilty about the lifestyle that I had led. One Saturday night in February, I went outside and smoked myself a joint. I went back in the house and started praying to God for help. I was sitting at the dining room table, I turned the TV and light off and began to pray. I started at the age of 29 and I went back to the age of three years old. I asked God to forgive me and everybody that was around me. For everything that we had done in our lives that was wrong. My mind went blank. I heard a voice saying, “You are God, tell the world.” I lifted my head up and it was daylight. The sun was shining bright that Sunday morning. My mom came into the room as I was cooking breakfast. I told her 1 was god. She ran away from me.

All of this came about based on what my mom told me about herself. My mom told me at the age of 23, she being a virgin, her older sister had a baby. My mom told her mom that she wanted a baby. My mom’s mom told my mom that they were getting the babies from under a tree stump in the woods. My mom told me that every day she went to the woods looking for a baby, which she never found. They then told my mom that they were getting babies from God. My mom asked her mom, “Where is God7” They told my mom that she had to go to church to find God. 1 guess she never found God. Now she is In heaven with God. Mom, I love you. I am that son she was looking for. I was born on February 17, 1944.

Mom, when I get to heaven, I’ll thank you in person.

Written September 30, 1977
By Mr. William M. Tyson, Jr.


“What Goes Up Must Come Down”

Let’s talk about COVID-19. To me it’s poison and pollution, which comes from the burning of gas, oil,
and coal. P.S. Let’s not forget about the wood. We need to stop burning those four chemicals. We need to turn to electricity for our energy. I learned in my 8th grade science class that the earth was% water. I also learned that electricity came from water. The other 1/4 is land. God knew what he was doing when he put this together for us to explore and find out why. To me, when we start to fill in the water to make more land, when it rains, it causes the cup to overflow. Everywhere we fill in a body of water, it rises somewhere else. To me, that creates a flood. My solution Is electric cars with a built-in generator.

Trains and trolleys run on electricity already.

Written May 23, 2020
By Mr. William M. Tyson, Jr.


“Promises To The Promiseland”

We’re going to know freedom and a new happiness. We’ll not regret the past or wish to shut the door on it. We’ll understand the word serenity is well know peace. No matter how far down the ladder we have gone, that feeling of uselessness and self-pity will di5appear. We’ll lose interest in our surroundings, self-pity will slip away, our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Fear of people and insanity will leave us. We’ll know how to handle situations that used to battle us. We’ll suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.

Written February 11, 1990
Ely Mr. William M. Tyson, Jr.


“I’m colorblind”

My answer to some of the world problems: We talk about this race, that race of people, and another, but I’m colorblind. I go beneath the skin. We’re all the same. Some of us are just older than others, some of us just talk different, and another difference is that some of us are females and others of us are males. Our trouble is not in the color, the problem is in our language. If we live in the USA, we must learn English. I call it the devil language, cause are taught it so we can communicate with each other. We are all looking for answers, no matter what our color. This is the world of modern-day slavery. Back in slavery times, we didn’t get paid. All we got was a meal and a roof over our heads. Now we’re getting paid to buy our own. Here comes the bill. We are living from a paycheck. Our money is going from hand to hand. Everything we get, someone is always waiting on it. How did all of these countries get their names? USA, China, Africa, Russia, etc. How did we get our last names? We, the Afro-Americans got our last names from slave owners.

Written August 23, 2018
By Mr. William M. Tyson, Jr.